Mission Statement

Honorary Board
Gary Baise
Former Chief of Staff, U.S. EPA
Gaylon Layfield
The Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Linda Porter
Land Trust of Virginia
John Pritzlaff
Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) and United Nations Sustainable Development Award Winner
Tom Sadler
Jimmy Wheat
The Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Doug Wheeler
Former Executive Director, The Sierra Club
George Xixis
Biotech and Bioethics Advisor
CREA Officers
Italia Federici
Jared Carpenter
Vice President
Like the great GOP President, Theodore Roosevelt, we are Republicans who believe conservation benefits all Americans. The Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy (CREA) is committed to preserving America’s natural resources, air, water, and scenic beauty for future generations.

CREA's mission is to foster environmental protection by promoting fair, community-based solutions to environmental challenges, highlighting Republican environmental accomplishments and building on our Republican tradition of conservation. CREA believes that environmental goals are reached by finding common ground between individuals, the private sector and local conservationists...results that would be impossible to achieve without cooperation.

A decades-long national debate continues over the directions environmental protection efforts should proceed: state and local versus federal, cooperative versus litigious, results versus process oriented. Working together, we can set the record straight and find sensible solutions to environmental concerns.