A Job Well Done: The Environmental Accomplishments of Governor Dirk Kempthorne 

Since taking office, Governor Dirk Kempthorne has believed, and shown, that state and local governments must be at the forefront of environmental protection. This differs from the philosophy of many national environmental groups and their Democrat allies, who ardently believe that the federal government must take the lead and all others follow. 

The crux of many Washington, D.C. - based environmental groups complaints against Governor Kempthorne is simple: they believe the federal government has the best solutions to protect the environment, and believe state and local governments, and the people closest to the issue, should be kept out of the decision-making process. This is especially true when the states and locals don't agree with them.

Governor Kempthorne's long list of environmental accomplishments follows this state-based philosophy as he has worked to build consensus and partnerships between state, local and tribal governments, and public citizens and local businesses. 


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The Environmental Accomplishments of Governor Dirk Kempthorne


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