Exposing Eco-Hypocrites

The New York Times reports that a number of intolerant groups have taken their crusade against the Bush Administration's successful climate agenda into the private sector by urging a boycott of one of America's largest employers. These groups don't deserve the respect that mainstream media outlets continually afford them. Their agenda is one of elitism that America's working families and genuine conservationists alike simply cannot afford.

Here are the facts:

Experts agree that increased production and diversity of supply will lead to lower energy prices. Yet the eco-hypocrites seen on this video are fighting against the very energy production that experts say will lower prices.

Who is hardest hit? The elderly and the poor: But why should these so-called environmentalists care? If they can afford to arrive at fuel efficiency rallies in limousines, they certainly aren't choosing between heating the house and life's other necessities. These groups continue to fight against jobs for working Americans, reasonable energy policies benefiting the poor and the elderly, and against eco-tolerance at every turn.

Watch them here as they lecture the American public during a fuel efficiency rally while behind the scenes their expensive SUVs and limousines idle out of view.

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