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Like the great GOP President, Theodore Roosevelt, we are Republicans who believe conservation benefits all Americans. The Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy (CREA) is committed to preserving America’s natural resources, air, water, and scenic beauty for future generations. CREA's mission is to foster environmental protection by promoting fair, community-based solutions to environmental challenges, highlighting Republican environmental accomplishments and building on our Republican tradition of conservation.
CREA believes conservation benefits all Americans. President George W. Bush has made great strides in protecting and improving the quality of America's land, air and water. Yet, some excessive and intolerant groups are attacking the president because his policies don't exclude people from the environment in which we live, work and play...

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CREA Climate Letters to the U.S. Senate

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The Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy needs your help! Our members are part of a national grassroots organization dedicated to promoting reasonable solutions to environmental challenges.

Unlike some other groups, CREA never advocates for policies that ultimately destroy jobs, nor will we support efforts to lock away the great outdoors from sportsmen and recreationists. CREA believes that people can work and play in harmony with the environment.

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Did You Know?

Learn the Truth about the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters so-called Bipartisanship

Environmental Accomplishments of the Republican Congress

Since the 104th Congress, Republicans have drafted, promoted and passed a host of environmental bills. These bills were written and sponsored by Republicans and were passed in a largely bipartisan manner.

Why the Sierra Club's "Position" on Climate Shouldn't Count

The Sierra Club and other environmental groups have become experts on telling people how they should live, what they should do, and especially what they should drive. But, their eco-hypocrisy is often easily exposed!

What they said at their event
What they drove to their event